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We are a factory authorized service center for all NAD products. We are familiar with their full line of receivers, amplifiers, cd and dvd players, and home theater systems.  

NAD is an innovative company, incorporating many unique features in their products. Here is one of them, “soft clipping”, used for many years on receivers and amplifiers: 

Any amplifier that is overdriven (asked to generate levels beyond its undistorted capabilities) will produce distortion (clipping). The result is not only very harsh sound but often damage to speakers — especially tweeters. The selectable "Soft Clipping" feature on NAD amplifiers gently transforms the music waveform as the point of clipping approaches, resulting in much clearer reproduction and simultaneous protection of speakers. One very valuable time to consider using the soft clipping option is during a party. As more and more people crowd into a room, and create more and more background noise, it is all too easy to keep setting the volume higher without realizing just how high you have turned it up. Switching in Soft Clipping will greatly reduce the chance of damage.


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